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    Welcome to a world torn by treacherous power struggles between the Three Houses, where the only currencies are salvaged scrap and powerful Mega-Core energy sources. A world where the denizens of the undercity must fight to earn their citizenship–and where the gleaming citadels of the elite tower over the vast depths of the slums.


    Welcome to the planet Bawk.


    Join Aspen, a lowly conscript in the army of House Uresh, in an epic struggle against the vicious Bramble Claw invaders! Warriors pilot massive metal titans called Omegamechs across the battlefield, in a world-shattering clash between tactics and technology. Through Aspen’s experiences, unravel the mystery behind the war.


    With tensions rising, skirmishes turn into outright warfare between the Houses, and anything or anyone could tip the scales of power. Engage in the adventure, and immerse yourself in intense battles against waves of advanced enemy mecha as Aspen fights to regain her birthright! The final battle rests within Aspen’s grasp, turning the tide and making history.


    On the battle-scarred world of Bawk, only the strongest Mau will survive amid the blasted ruins of their once-great cities, and only the most skilled of Omegamech pilots stands a chance against the Bramble Claw!