Tuesday Looting Specs






Over the past couple days we’ve generated several system docs to cover some needed loot distribution and art specs.  Joel has been giggling excitedly over his new spreadsheets for days now.


The specs seem to be well worth the trouble of solidification.  Not only will these new technical sheets let us predict things like loot tables and player damage and progression, but we’ll also be able to tune the gameplay on the fly as the game goes live and we start getting feedback.  We’ll be able to test new number systems and see how the game will respond before the more time-costly game implementation goes live, and that will save us a lot of resource in the long run–letting us focus more on what really counts!


Loot Manager now stretches its roots into the programmatic level generation plans.  Our 9-card monty mini-game at each level’s end is getting a fresh upgrade from these new numbers, which should give the player a lot more control over randomly-generated loot tables.   If the player possesses the skill to watch the cards get shuffled, they can in fact track where their favorite loot can be picked.  This system regulates the escalation for end level loot, quest loot, enemy kill loot, and supply truck loot.  We’re plugging in fresh formulas for crafting and loot within each level as well.



One of our loot-distribution prototypes.  Once we’ve got it up and running just how we like it, we’ll start putting it through its paces in the game environment.  Because who doesn’t love loot, right?

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