Sunday – Symbols and Dialogue






Got done working with the 2D artist today to make 10 buff icons, constructed in a way to make an “icon bible” and solidify the way symbols look and feel. The plan is to identify bonuses with symbols rather than words to quickly associate what kind of bonus something has.  That’ll make it easier to see what a pickup item is for, even as you’re fighting off a wave of Stormcats.


Making the icons fit into their respective places programmatically will be the biggest trick. Currently the words of each buff get spelled out in the game, but in playtesting they don’t get recognized fast enough on a mobile device.  With the icon update, we’ll be able to quickly let a player know where a buff can be found and what it will do.  Keep an eye out for that magical glow!


That’ll also come in handy when the player hits the endgame.  With the stakes rising, you’ll need every resource at hand to make it through some of the intense choices we’ll be throwing at you!  Stay sharp, Pilots!

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