Saturday Night Icons




Featured here is Shield Module and a Tek Chip used for crafting upgrading reagents.


This weekend was a productive day working with art and testing engineering prototypes.  Our vectorized icon display system gets a polish, and our crafting is looking better and better.  With hundreds of anticipated icons, we needed an art style that’s flexible and expandable and still occupies no more than 512×512 texture space.  Definitely a challenge!


Working shoulder to shoulder with a 2d artist, we busted out a vector icon set.  Using our vector icon system, we layer parts and tint them to make that small texture footprint.  Our next big performance tweaks will be getting these babies into the game and optimizing them.  Tomorrow looks like fun as the layers we put together in Photoshop will get integrated into the game at long last.


Most of the icons are in their native color with just a small amount of tinting to cut down on the draw calls and let the rest of the icon batch together.  I always liked playing with Legos as a kid!


The 2D artist who helped can be found at:
Olivers on Unity Forums

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