Dev Update 9-13-2016




The loot systems we were working on last time are getting pretty robust now, and we’re starting to feel like we’re hitting that sweet spot of balance and satisfaction we’ve been chasing for a while.  Dialogue systems continue to improve, and we’ve been kicking it up a notch at the workshop level this week, adding new skillsets to the team all the time.




Special thanks to Cinnax Nexus (Patrick) for his guest appearance and talking to the engineers about networking techniques. His advice and experience has given us a huge array of new tools in our toolbox.


Looking out over the next few weeks, we’re looking to better connect the play environment to the post-level rewards. The nine-card-monty game we talked about last time continues to develop, giving players more control, instead of simply locking down each level’s rewards (how boring would that be, right?). For every supply truck you find, you’ll get an additional pick from the nine possible prizes, so keep an eye on which prizes you want as they get shuffled around.


We’re also happy to report that buff icon style and crafting icons style have been solidified into an easily reproducible icon building system. Our primary objective with all art prioritizes making the smallest texture footprint while still offering sophisticated art style. The crafting reagents now get their final art treatment with an expandable icon part set which can make hundreds icons with the same texture footprint.


Character art is getting an upgrade too, and you can see some of our new faces over at the Characters page. 


Currently on the operating table, both engineering and art optimizations take center stage:

  • Implementation of light and shadow which moves with the actors.
  • Website improvements that look good on tablets and phones make to make it easier for first time visitors to see the great work done from day to day.
  • High scores and leader boards lets players know how they stack up against one another.
  • Polishing and custom scripting of level 3 nears its conclusion this next week.


Later in the month, we’ll be at the Austin Game Conference getting some fresh feedback on our latest build, so maybe we’ll see you there!

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