Dev Update 8-5-2016







Between Laser Claws slashing and Zap Cannon blasting, the player is in for a treat with close combat opportunities. As Level 3 gets close to polish stage we get to see the melee action of the new Enemy type, the Panthrak.   This little hunter / killer gets right up in your grill to make a statement.



Engineering polish continues, with bug & gameplay smoothing and our loot and equipment systems getting a nice touchup. UI smoothing feels better and better getting to the next campaign mission. And while the engineering polishing happens, our dynamic level generator is always getting fresh assets to chew on.



Story in the game also has made great strides with iterative progress shaping Aspen and her adventures. Keeping the audience in mind, the dialog has gotten more punchy with higher player story choice. Too many cat puns? Never! We’ve added a huge pile of lore to the equipment cards, with plenty of side stories you can discover throughout the game.



Currently on the operating table both engineering and art optimizations take center stage. Implementation of light and shadow which moves with the actors. Website improvements that look good on tablets and phones should make it easier for first time visitors to see the great work done from day to day. High scores and leader boards will let players know how they stack up against one another. Polishing and custom scripting of level 3 nears its conclusion this next week. Plans for a 9 card monty mini-game will give players a fun post-level loot distribution mechanism. More icons and character sketches also on the way.  Stay tuned, Pilots!

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